Card Industries has on site training facilities where our fieldsmen learn new techniques, get trained for upcoming jobs, and discuss the best solutions with teachers and co-workers.

We have many training facilities across the globe to keep our staff the best they can be.

Puerto Rico Training Facility

Our training facility in Puerto Rico is equipped with everything our staff needs to get up-to-date on the latest techniques. Some of the equipment in our Puerto Rico facility is as follows:

• Welding Stations -
Welding stations combine power supplies, welding lathes/ positioners and weld controllers.

Each station is sectioned off for safety.

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• Classrooms -
Regular class sessions provide our fieldsman with up-to-date knowledge on techniques and processes that they use in the field.

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Our fieldsman actively participate in discussions and trade knowledge of techniques that have worked for them on the job.

Card Industries wants to make your next job a success!

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Peak Performance
Our workers and craftsmen constantly hone their skills to be the best in their field.

On-Site Training Facilities
On-Site training facilities keep our fieldsmen at their best to get the job done for our clients.

On-Site Classrooms
Our trained instructors teach and discuss new techniques and tips with our fieldsmen..

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