Card Industries provides staffing for the toughest environments worldwide. Our executive team have collectively managed and/or staffed over 47,000 workers worldwide, primarily in the US, Iraq and Afghanistan.We have US-trained E&I specialists, experienced American project managers, TCN craftspeople, and specialty welders - copper nickel, combo pipe welders, stainless tig welders & aluminum welders, available to start working today.

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[Card Industries] Complete Manpower Solutions

Let Card Handle Your Staffing -
1.) Our Placement Specialists work closely with you to fill your open positions with the right qualified people.

2.) All our employees are qualified craftsmen who excel at their trade. We do not employ unskilled individuals.

Card Industries maintains a database of specialized, highly skilled individuals, letting us choose the right person at the right time for the job.

Our fieldsmen keep constant communication with our employees, to keep motivation and productivity high at all times. We emphasize safety, productivity, and pride in quality workmanship. We keep our staff skills sharp in our worldwid training facilities.

Why Let Card handle your staffing ?

During slow periods of work, skilled labor costs increase and productivity per employee drops. By providing skilled, reliable manpower to supplement your workforce precisely when needed, our clients eliminate unnecessary construction staffing costs. Low staffing costs mean more profit in your pocket.

By gaining control of labor dollars, our clients often use the savings to improve the payroll or benefits of their core staff. This, along with a reduction of layoffs during slow periods, boosts employee morale and labor productivity. Card Industries works with you to get the job done right from the start.

Reduce your Labor costs.

By doing business with Card Industries and letting us supplement your core team with our experienced professionals, our clients do not have to absorb the various labor costs and time associated with construction recruiting and construction staffing practices.

The high costs of advertising for jobs, interviewing several applicants, trying to assess their skill level, hiring and firing, training, payroll taxes, insurance, unemployment, can add up to tremendous costs. Card Industries can eliminate these expenses by providing you with skilled, specialized staff that are ready to get the job done on day one. We can even manage the project for you.

[Card Industries] Service and Labor Guarantee

Full Labor Guarantee on Every WorkerCard Industries guarantees that the worker sent to your jobsite will be of the high quality you expect and have the skills you need.

Safety Training - Safety is our #1 Core Value. All our workers are required to complete OSHA Compliant Safety Training as a “condition of hire,” and to earn their safety card provided by the Department of Labor.

Full Project Coverage – We handle all types of short and long-term projects anywhere in the world.

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Peak Performance
Our workers and craftsmen constantly hone their skills to be the best in their field.

On-Site Training Facilities
On-Site training facilities keep our fieldsmen at their best to get the job done for our clients.

On-Site Classrooms
Our trained instructors teach and discuss new techniques and tips with our fieldsmen..

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